About Tessa Sawyers

Hello there! I'm Tessa. I'm a West Virginia native, living and working near Richmond currently. I'm passionate about fitness, digital marketing and writing. Follow me on Instagram @tessa.louisee if you want to keep up with the latest!

Coffee & Bullshit: A Poetic Ending

Hello there! My name is Tessa Sawyers. For my capstone project, I decided to do something that I had always wanted to do. I decided to write and publish a poetry book. It is called “Coffee & Bullshit.” I marketed it via social media @tsaw.writes on Instagram.  Now, I’m sure if you all know, but you can self-publish through a few websites. This cuts out the time, effort, and possible denial of pitching your book/story to a publisher. I knew this going into the project, so I decided to self-publish. I chose Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and got on with producing the final project. Continue reading