About Tyler Barickman

Hello! My name is Tyler Barickman and I am currently studying Communications at Shepherd University. My skills include videography, social media, and public relations, etc. I have a love for all things oceanic and strive to help with marine conservation and protection. I am also an active Christian and am passionate about volunteering and helping others.

Peace Corps: An Autoethnographic Film

I have always been fascinated with the Peace Corps. The honor and dedication it takes to serve is inspiring. Peace Corps: An Autoethnographic Film is based on a pursuit I have been very passionate about for years. It is a film that dissects what it is was like to serveIMG_1098 in the Peace Corps, as told by two volunteers, Dr. Carrie Messenger and Michael Bailey. The film focuses on how the volunteers coped with distance, gender roles, cultural conditioning, and more. The Autoethnographic film, Peace Corps will spark curiosity in the audience about the Peace Corps, educate them on different cultures, and create a better understanding of how volunteers are impacted by this enriching experience. The concept behind creating an autoethnographic film was sparked by my desire to showcase how personal experience can help shape a better understanding of culture and a society. Continue reading

How to Survive your Senior Capstone in the Communication Department

During your senior year as a communication student, you are not only worried about passing all of your classes to graduate, but you have to focus on creating an amazing capstone. There is enough stress with everything you want to accomplish before you graduate, why not make your capstone process a little easier? We have just the trick! We asked two current communication seniors graduating this December advice on how to survive your capstone based on their experiences.

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