The ShepComm Halloween Costume Contest is Back! Here’s How to Win…

Can’t believe it’s already late October? Midterms already happened, and we are returning to school after a very well-deserved fall break. That means it is that time of the year where everyone gets one night to be someone completely different, to be something they are not the other 364 days of the year. It’s Halloween time!

Here at the Shepherd University Communication Department, we love to celebrate Halloween with our annual Halloween contest. This year, we are looking for your very best costume! The details are below.

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Comm Insider: COMM 322 Social Media

Are you curious about what classes the communication department has to offer, but the catalog only leaves you with more questions? We have a solution for you! Welcome to the next installment of Comm Insider: COMM 322 Social Media.

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Twitter Bird Gets The Worm: Shepherd University Communication Department’s Twitter Team

As some students know, The Shepherd University Communication Department has a lot going on to get the students more involved in amazing opportunities. One of the ways that we spread the word is by reaching out using social media platforms. Aside from this blog, we have several other accounts, one of which is run by the Twitter team, aka the #CommCrusaders, in our COMM 322 Social Media class. Continue reading

The Many Opportunities For Communication Majors

A major in Communication at Shepherd University is incredibly diverse. Throughout the next few months, a team of students in Dr. Kushin’s Comm 322 Social Media class will be taking you on a voyage through our department and providing you with updates about all the awesome stuff we’re doing.

Hi, I’m Adam Oester and I’m a Strategic Communication student in the department. To get you started, I will share my experience in the Department of Communication just in case we’re new to you.

I originally thought that getting a degree in communication would pigeon-hole me into the field of broadcasting. But, studying communication has so taught many things in my three and a half-year tenure here at Shepherd University.

I have learned a wide set of skills that have provided me with knowledge that’s applicable to many great career possibilities.  I have worked with a film camera and an entire studio production. I have had several classes in a lab filled brand new iMac computers. And I have even coded my own website!

And that’s only scratching the surface.  What I enjoy the most is the Strategic Communication concentration.  I get to do things like write news releases, create social media content for the department (such as this post!), and I’m currently enlisted in a class that allows me the opportunity to create a campaign for a local non-profit organization, Charles Town Now.

I’ve also had great exposure to communication theory and both the qualitative and social scientific approaches to its study.  I have learned about semiotics, which is the study of imagery and how it can make people feel.  I have learned how the context and the meaning of words in the English language can change over time. And I’ve even learned about some great cross-disciplinary scholars that I enjoy discussing with my friends who study psychology.

But not enough people know about the great work that we do in the Communication Department. Many people across campus have no idea that we have a television studio, a radio station, and two Mac computer labs in the lower level of Knutti Hall. We have amazing and advanced equipment down here. And it’s time more people learn about it!

That’s why myself and a handful of my classmates from Dr. Kushin’s Comm 322 Social Media class are going to help keep you learn more about our department, our awesome students, and the amazing work they’re doing.

Do yourself a favor – grab a jacket because the L10 Lab is always freezing and subscribe to this blog. You’ll be glad you did both!