Student Experience: Digital Designers

Comm 352 Computer Mediated Communication is a great way to learn the basics of web design. You will learn how to create websites using HTML and CSS coding techniques that control functionality and design. You will also learn how to upload websites to the internet, manage blogs and online content, and link them all together.

This FREE site will give you a base knowledge of HTML and CSS, which will help you greatly in this course. It also offers basics in Javascript, PHP, Python, and more.


Coded For Success: A Look at Comm 352 Computer-Mediated Communication

Getting a college education is the pathway to finding or pursuing your passions and launching your career. Through a liberal arts education that includes general education classes, major classes, minor classes, and general electives, Shepherd students expand their horizons with an array of new knowledge, experiences and skills. That’s a lot to show off to future employers!

The best way to flaunt your stuff, the runway walk of business if you will, is the resumé and one Shepherd Communication class takes it to the next level!

Comm 352 Computer Mediated Communication is a major requirement in the Shepherd Communication 4268841912_c2b34ca43c_mdepartment. That means everyone has to take it. But, it’s great at making you look good. It teaches you the fundamentals of how to communicate effectively and impressively on the web, such as through proper HTML code.

These skills not only help you understand how communication works, but provide you with tools to wow a future partner or employer.

Coding your own resume in HTML is one of the many practical projects you will enjoy in this class. Not only does it show how awesome you are by showing all of your experience and skills, it also shows that you can code like a champ!

Sample HTML coded resume

Samples from my HTML coded resume. Click to enlarge.

html coded resume2

Samples from my HTML coded resume. Click to enlarge.

The skillet can take you far beyond building a resumé, of course. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to coding. Communication student David Donohue recently discussed how he uses what he learned in Comm 352 at his internship at a non-profit in Shepherdstown.

Learn more about the benefits of Comm 352 from Professor Larson. Want a taste of what learning coding is like? Check out today and experience a taste of the fun you will have in this class!

Student Experience: Computer Mediated Communication


The concept of web design is simple and clean, and the delivery can be quite challenging. This class however, I found to be refreshing. It was at a pace tapered for each individual, which allowed the fluent, and non-fluent, to progress at their own pace and obtain optimal learning and knowledge. The skill sets required for web design or programming are typically tailored and unique for each person, because there are many ways to do a single thing. There was also a sense of freedom with our primary projects, which I enjoyed. I feel as though I tend to learn and retain more myself when not bottle necked with too many criteria or requirements centering around a project.

All in all, this was actually just a refresher course for me, but I did enjoy it. =)