Does a Pregnant Beyoncé Have Swollen Ankles?

What should artists release to the media?

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In a recent article in The New York Times, “Beyoncé 3.0: The Maternal Ideal“, suggests that despite a positive message (“Pregnant is beautiful. It should be worshiped.”) Beyoncé’s depiction of pregnancy in the media doesn’t acknowledge that pregnancy is “also messy, sometimes uncomfortable and just another fact of life. And in her extended fetishization of her own physical evolution, Beyoncé has not allowed for any of that.” Continue reading


Student Experience: Diving Into The World of Advertising

Looking back to Spring Semester last year, I couldn’t have been any more excited for COMM 406 Advertising and Imagery. Usually, I’d read the course description for a class and think it would be boring. My reaction to reading this course’s description was the complete opposite and held up to my high expectations.

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Student Experience: Hands-On Fun Campaigning

COMM 406 Advertising and Imagery is an awesome class! To me, it felt like I wasn’t just sitting in a boring classroom. I felt like I was engaging in what life would be like working for an advertising company. Each project was exciting! As students (or in my mind–advertisers), we would be given the information about a certain product (the brand name, the target audience, the goal, and etc.) and then we would create our own campaign for that product. This leaves a lot of creativity to you. It’s a fun challenge to make your ads stand out, meet the criteria, and have a consistent message that makes your campaign…well…YOUR campaign!

One of my favorite projects was the MUNDAY’S Pale Lager. We had to create an ad campaign for the lager that would appeal to 65+ men and women with a household income $100,000. Also– psychographic educated, both liberals and conservatives.

For my project, I wanted to make my target audience to be portrayed as wise. As for making my campaign clearly consistent, I decided to use two characters that appear in each ad. Here are two of my ads from the MUNDAY’S campaign:


  • tyokum01_beer_ad2
  • tyokum01_beer_ad1


Student Experience: The Wonderful World of Advertising

This class let us delve deep into the underlying principles of the advertising industry. We looked into what makes an ad effective as well as the trends throughout the history of advertising. Our daily routine was viewing ad materials and doing semeiotic analysis on a variety of adverts. The real meat of the class was design our own ad campaigns given certain parameters. We were given target market and told to do a 2-3 ad campaign for a certain product or video.

Some of the projects we undertook were campaigns for marijuana cigarettes,, a fictional brewing company, and a political advert for a candidate or cause we supported. Through these projects were explored making ads for a wide range of markets and products. I feel I obtained a working knowledge of how to succeed in a advertising and marketing ideas and products.

Here is an example of the work I did in the class:

COMM 406 Opening the gateway to glossy

A video by Jean Killbourne that shines a light on the way women are objectified by various sundry methods and the effect photoshop has on the female psyche

One of the videos that changed my thinking, “Killing Us Softly 3”, by Jean Killbourne

SOOOOO…the Advertising and Imagery section of the core curriculum is nothing short of EPIC!  Yeah, buddy.  Monica Larson was the perfect professor to take us on the wild ride of photoshop hunting and semiotics. The content of the class was nothing short of earth shattering.  Everything I thought I knew about advertising was usherd out with the trash. Dr. Larson expected alot from us and gave us the perfect ladder to climb in reaching her lofty expectations.

The course was rife with discussion and insights into how the industry targets our Id, Ego and Superego to serve its consumptionists addiction. Jean Killbourne was one of the pioneers in semiotics and identifying the objectification of women in advertising.  We analyzed movies, ads in magazines and watched eye-opening videos.

An ad I created for our fictitious shoe "SNEEKS" campaign.

One of three images I created for my “SNEEKS” ad campaign. Photo by me. (That’s my kiddo in the pic)

Monica  (Dr. Larson is down to earth and allows we students to address her by her first name) challenged us at every turn. After researching methodology and the good design elements of a great ad campaign, we (read..tried valiantly) created rockstar ads for a fictitious shoe called “Sneeks”.

To critically analyze the incessant barrage of media content is a skill everyone should posses!  I mean when and ad shoves a shackled woman with pouty red lips and six inch stilletoes at me in an effort to make some brand of shampoo seem alluring, hi[p and sexy…. I say “Thank you Monica”, for the ability to read between the handcuffs.