How to Survive your Senior Capstone in the Communication Department

During your senior year as a communication student, you are not only worried about passing all of your classes to graduate, but you have to focus on creating an amazing capstone. There is enough stress with everything you want to accomplish before you graduate, why not make your capstone process a little easier? We have just the trick! We asked two current communication seniors graduating this December advice on how to survive your capstone based on their experiences.

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We Can’t Forget About Our 4 Legged Friends!

“Each and every animal has intrinsic value and deserves to be treated accordingly with kindness, compassion and respect. ”

– James P. & Anna C. Briggs,

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Then I Woke Up: A Graphic Novel

Ashley Angueira

The average person will spend about 6 years of their lifetime dreaming. Odds are, there is at least one dream that you can clearly recall: What happened, where you were, and whom you were with. Most importantly, you’ll remember the feeling you had when you woke up. My graphic novel, Then I Woke Up, explores the most memorable dreams of my life: from my first nightmare when I was 4 years old, to the short but powerful visions in a long nap.

“This is who I am, as told by my dreams”

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Senior Capstone: The Main Event

What started off as a simple idea to combine the passion of event planning with the actual capstone, became The Main Event: A campaign to promote the 2018 Communication Senior Capstone. This campaign shared how to create an event while raising awareness for the senior capstone, integrated facts and tips about event planning, all while showing the use of social media and its impact and influence.  Continue reading