A Conversation with the Internet

AHernandez_Board10Being an independent creator has gotten tremendously easier with the rise of YouTube and other video streaming sites. So naturally I jumped on the opportunity to integrate it into my capstone project. YouTube allows its users to have a channel along with their account, so I’ve had a channel for the past eight years. I did not, however, start using it to post content until 2015. I shared a few videos, travel vlogs, collaborations with my siblings, and then abandoned the channel for a couple years. This semester project seemed like the perfect chance to revive it. I had grown since my last video and I had a new idea of the kind of content I wanted to post.

Thus “Conversations with the Internet” was born.

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At Night: A Film By Michael Fidler

What Is At Night?

At Night is the film I directed and edited for my capstone project. It is about a girl named Alex who is woken up in the middle of night and decides to wander her house to discover the unknown. Is something lurking or is it all in her head? Continue reading

Empowerment in Eliminating Violence is EPEC – A Campaign Event

Senior Capstone


Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 2.37.50 PM

Nikki Johnson presenting “Empowerment in Eliminating Violence is EPEC” Campaign Event for Capstone


Before beginning my professional career in the Public Relations field, I wanted to design a campaign for a non-profit organization that I want to see grow in the near future. I worked with the Eastern Panhandle Empowerment Center (EPEC) to build their brand by planning and hosting an event from the ground up. Continue reading

Is Vlogging the New Reality TV?

With the advancement in vlogging styles and technology, vlogging is starting to become less of a video diary and more like reality TV, but for the internet. It’s As If You Were Really Here discusses the similarities and contrasts between vlogging and reality TV and a diary while also exploring how it stands out due to being an internet based format.

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Examining How the Mainstream Media Frames Farm Animals


Mia Holland presenting “Mainstream Media Framing of Farm Animals in the Plant-Based Industry’s Battle for Non-Dairy Labeling” at capstone presentations.

This research paper takes a look into the recent issue brought to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding the labeling of non-dairy products, such as soy milk and nut cheeses. When examining the issue, the researcher was able to see how the mainstream media discusses farm animals, animal welfare, and the animal rights movement.

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