Chasing a Borger…

Can you imagine going through four years of college, where you learn and learn, and study, and cry, and then finally reach the end of this long journey to just go and make a movie about a hobo chasing a cheeseburger? Hi, I’m Wil, and that is precisely what I did.

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Ram Nation: A Shepherd University Athletics Commercial

Ram Nation is a commercial advertisement that I created to promote the Shepherd Universities Athletic department. The goal of this commercial is to persuade high school student athletes that Shepherd is the perfect fit for their college experience. Continue reading

Not All That Deep: A Short Film

Part of growing up is learning how to plan your life. Whether you’re a student leaving school or a professional entering a new line of work, there is almost always uncertainty about the future. Not All That Deep is a short film that tackles differing life philosophies regarding this uncertainty. Continue reading

Cue The Lights! Introducing the Rude Mechanicals


Students checking out bulletin boards on the Shepherd University campus inevitably come across posters announcing auditions for one of Shakespeare’s plays. Anyone passing by Reynolds Hall on the way in to town has at some point encountered a sandwich board on the sidewalk, plastered with performance dates and photos of actors in feathered caps and period costumes. Continue reading