Creating the Epidemic: the Preproduction to a Short Film

0From the Kennedy assassination to September 11th, government conspiracies have historically captured the imagination of the public with many people believing they are true despite contradicting evidence. Several conspiracies have attracted my personal interest due to their links with the macabre, one prominent example being MKUltra. Epidemic will bring attention to physical and mental illness, as both have occurred in my immediate and extended family and I felt compelled to bring social awareness towards the topic.
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Peace Corps: An Autoethnographic Film

I have always been fascinated with the Peace Corps. The honor and dedication it takes to serve is inspiring. Peace Corps: An Autoethnographic Film is based on a pursuit I have been very passionate about for years. It is a film that dissects what it is was like to serveIMG_1098 in the Peace Corps, as told by two volunteers, Dr. Carrie Messenger and Michael Bailey. The film focuses on how the volunteers coped with distance, gender roles, cultural conditioning, and more. The Autoethnographic film, Peace Corps will spark curiosity in the audience about the Peace Corps, educate them on different cultures, and create a better understanding of how volunteers are impacted by this enriching experience. The concept behind creating an autoethnographic film was sparked by my desire to showcase how personal experience can help shape a better understanding of culture and a society. Continue reading