Homeless Women Have Periods Too


Kaitlyn Miller

Kaitlyn Miller is a Spring 2017 graduate. Her concentration is Strategic Communication.

An average woman will spend about 6.25 years on her period. For those that have fallen on hard times, getting the much needed feminine hygiene supplies can be a challenge. That’s why for my Capstone, I decided to give homeless women in the area a little less to worry about. My name is Kaitlyn Miller, and my campaign is called Go With the Flow because nobody should have to choose between food and tampons.  Continue reading


Ram Radio: For the Students. By the Students.

Want to hear music in your car equivalent to DC101, Washington DC’s Alternative Radio Rock Station, without the long commercial breaks? Then 89.7 WSHC is for you! For my senior capstone the radio station staff and I have spent the last two semesters working hard on revitalizing and re-branding WSHC for future students interested in radio. Continue reading

The X’s and Y’s of Video Games


Jazmine Barlow is a Spring 2017 graduate. Her concentration is New Media.

Are you a woman? Do you like to play video games? Do you feel nervous about putting yourself out there because you don’t want others calling you a “fake gamer girl?” Well, forget all those people and do it anyway because you deserve to have fun! Continue reading


Building a Brand

When you think of a brand one may consider a company, or maybe a company’s product. What many people fell to realize is that they are a walking brand of themselves, and that everything they do is part of their brand. My Capstone project was to help build a persons brand by creating a website for them.My site is CoachJNamolik.com.

CoachJNamolik.com is the official website of Shepherd University’s Head Men’s Basketball Coach. Continue reading


Traveling The World On a Budget and Staying Gluten Free Is No Longer Impossible

Traveling the world has never been an easy task, and it has never been cheap.  People who are gluten free tend to stray away from traveling due to the caution they have to take with the food they consume.  Gluten free foods are also ten times more expensive than regular foods.  For my senior capstone, I decided to make everyone’s lives easier.  Continue reading


Kelsey’s Key to Organization: A Website

Throughout the entirety of my life I have always been one that has gotten excited when it comes to getting new school supplies, rearranging my room, getting new planners, and


Final Capstone Presentations

writing checklists. I have always enjoyed being well organized. It is a quality that I take a lot of pride in. As a senior at Shepherd University I continued to stay organized and always made an effort to help others stay organized.

For my senior capstone project I took what I learned as a communication major and designed a website that I designated to help others get and stay organized. I created this website using wordpress.com. Throughout the website I provided insights on how I got organized initially, ways I stay organized, and most importantly proof of my work to prove that I am a reliable source.

I initially wanted to create vlog because I thought it would be a better visual aide than text and photos, but about half way through I realized that I hated video editing, hated setting up lighting, and putting on a camera personality. It was not my cup of tea. So I focused on what I was good at and stuck to writing and photos.


Set up for final capstone presentation.

If you want a step by step process on how I created this website I really don’t have one. Weird considering I’m the girl that obsessed with organization and being orderly. But for this project life got in the way and life got hectic which happens to everyone. So I’ll do my best to explain this in an orderly way…

I first started by actually organizing my home. I had just moved into a new apartment and was unfortunately still living out of the boxes that were sitting in my guest bedroom. This part took the longest and really pushed me back in creating my website. Writing the content was extremely easy, but it was actually finding time to organize all of my belongings that was difficult.

Designing the website itself was a breeze. I think I actually designed the website in a day, for the most part. Now there were still small parts that I had to add in and edit but the base of it took me a day or two.

For my poster board for the final presentation I used vista print as my printing service. I got the poster within two days of ordering it and it only cost me roughly $20, which I did not think was bad.

At the end of the day I am extremely proud of the work I’ve accomplished and I hope Kelsey’s Key to Organization helps many get and stay organized.

Visit my website here: www.kelseyskeytoorganization.com


From The Ground Up: A Social Media Campaign

Anyone who’s been in a band knows how easily it can consume your whole life, and the same goes for senior capstone projects. So I figured the only sane idea for my Capstone project was to use it as a way to combine the two workloads consuming my life into one stressful, but insanely fun, project. That’s why I decided to run a social media campaign for my band, Future To Claim, aptly named “From The Ground Up” after one of our songs. Continue reading