A Film Documentary That Looks at Why There is More to Cars Than You Think.

Mustang GT Tire Smoke

– Smoke pours off the fierce tires of the Mustang GT.

My name is Alex Ponton. I was a transfer student from Frederick Community College two years ago, but now I am a 2017 graduate at Shepherd with a major in Communication & New Media and a minor in Marketing. My capstone journey started in the Fall Semester 2016, and after a rocky start in Capstone Prep I managed to plan out the majority of my capstone before filming it early into the Spring semester.  Continue reading


Does Getting Ready in the Morning Ever Feel Debilitating? For Trans Women It Does.


Blair Cherelstein is a 2017 graduate with a concentration in digital filmmaking.

Before I begin let me give some backstory as to who I am: a Transgender Woman. Growing up I always knew myself to be a girl, but I had the world trying to tell me the exact opposite. This creates a lot of inner turmoil in children. Gender can be a very tricky thing, and while being transgender is becoming more accepted, there are still many more steps that need to be taken until trans people feel fully a part of society and not just on the fringe. With building audience empathy and understanding as a goal, I decided to make my Capstone film highlight a transgender experience. Continue reading

The Hungry College Student: A Podcast Series Reviewing Shepherdstown Food


Callie Long is a Spring 2017 graduate with a concentration in Strategic Communication.

Have you ever wondered if there is culinary life beyond the dining hall on the Shepherd campus? To address that question I created a podcast series for my Capstone project called The Hungry College Student. Its goal is to help Shepherd students find alternative places to eat. Three steps helped get me on my way…  Continue reading

Is Everyone Doing It? Not Sex, Consensual Sex.

When I told people I decided to do my senior capstone project on sexual consent, I will admit I received quite a few strange looks. But there shouldn’t have been! At the end of the day, people have sex. The important question is if that sex is consensual. My name is Caroline Wines and my Capstone project examined the perceptions of college students’ on the topic of sexual consent. Continue reading

Ever Wonder if Women Reporters are Treated Unfairly in the Sports Industry? I Did.

Tess Hyre

Tess Hyre is a Spring 2017 graduate.

Before I begin, I think it is appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Tess Hyre and I double-majored in Communication & New Media as well as Recreation & Leisure with a concentration in Sports Communication. As a double major, it was imperative to have my capstone completed in the Fall of 2016 due to requirements I had to meet in the Recreation & Leisure Department. However, I did not foresee that my capstone project would eventually carry on throughout my entire senior year.  Continue reading

9 Months

My final capstone film took over 9 months of  candid photography of my personal environment, surroundings and adventures, and transformed them into a stop motion short.  Enjoy a look through my eyes, into my world and be happy with your lives.

The showing was a success as well, I had at times over 100 people in the audience, keeping it a full house throughout the evening.  It was a relaxed evening at Town Run Brewing Company, with a large crowd, good beer and films.  The event ran smoothly and all of the response thus far has shown that the public interest is in favor of more independent film showings in town.  I keep getting flooded with emails from citizens and filmmakers asking about the past event and asking if there will be another one.

Photo by: Myles Morse
Photo by: Town Run Brewing Company

Overall, I had a blast making a film, and hosting the event.  I am super grateful that I was able to grab the attention of several local media outlets such as The Herald Mail.

It was important to get my range of attendance in-between ages 18-60, by not only getting the buzz out via social media, and through Shepherd University’s Student Affairs emailing list, but also getting into newspaper, town news letters, events calendars and by posting the two physical fliers  in local businesses or in public spaces.

I am very excited that I was able to not only bring more art into Shepherdstown from filmmakers from other states, but to also show how much the creative drive of one or a small group of people could do to bring together a unique experience that won’t easily be forgotten.

I am very excited for the next chapter in my life.