2019 New Years Resolutions for Students by Students

It’s that time of year. Time to make those sometimes-abandoned but always important New Year’s resolutions.

From school-related to relationship goals, each of us approaches the new year with different goals. As students, we’re constantly working to improve ourselves and grow. Resolutions are a way to hold ourselves accountable to that growth. What are your fellow students’ resolutions for 2019? Read on to find out. Continue reading

7 Outfits to A+ Your Style This Fall

So no one told you college was going to be this way. You’re exhausted; you have classes, homework, quizzes, tests and presentations, and the weather is not on your favor. So, who has time to pick the perfect outfit in the morning? This blog post it for the ladies. It gives you simple yet stylish outfits for everyday of the week so you can be and look like an A student.

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