It’s 2018! Do the Shepherd University communication professors have New Year’s resolutions?

Happy 2018! There’s only one more week of winter break left until we head back to Shepherd. So, it’s the perfect time to set some goals for the new year. Are you going to study more this semester? Or take more naps on the couches in Knutti? Whatever your New Year’s resolution (or if you don’t have one yet!), you can always count on your favorite comm professors for some wisdom.

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COMMon Myths Episode 3: What’s the Deal with Social Media?

The final installment of COMMon Myths looks at a popular trend in media today, social media, and whether you should take a class in it. By the way, we’ve got such a class. It’s called COMM 322 Social Media and it’s taught by Professor Matt Kushin. COMMon Myths sat down with Professor Kushin to answer the question: “What’s the Deal with Social Media?”

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Basement Baking: Holiday Cookies

What do you picture when you think of the holiday season? Family and friends? Finding the perfect gift? Holiday traditions?

What about sweet treats? The holidays wouldn’t be the same without them! So in this edition of Basement Baking, we’re serving up two delicious cookie recipes that perfectly capture the holiday spirit… with a twist of course! So this winter, keep yourself warm and try your hand at baking… the Comm way!

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Basement Baking: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Fall is here, and Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. You’re probably already thinking about all of the food you’re going to prepare, but don’t worry! Comm majors are known for our resourcefulness and our ability to think outside the box. It’s only natural that we apply those skills to everything we do. So this season, try your hand at baking… the Comm way! Continue reading

Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Bundle Up! With #ShepComm

Winter is here and the Shepherd Communications department could not be more thrilled.

School is out and laying around all day doing (almost) nothing is on the agenda, what more could you want? We know how to spend our break the right way, and if you’re looking for some tips on how to stay comfy and cozy…look no further! Check out how the awesome members of our department spend their holiday break. Continue reading

Finals Have You Stressed Out? Take a Break With Our De-Stress Tree!

The time has finally come… finals week. Holiday break is just on the horizon, but before we can taste the sweet freedom, we all must conquer finals. It can be a very stressful time! To combat this, the comm department has created this activity to help students manage their stress.


De-Stress Tree: Located in the Lower Level of Knutti

The De-Stress Tree is meant to give students the opportunity to share with each other different ways they kick their stress to the curb. Simply take a leaf from the cup, tell us how you de-stress, and pin it to the board! It may not seem like much, but short breaks can actually help retain information and reduce stress.

The De-Stress Tree is open to all students in and out of the communication department. While you’re busy studying or finishing up that final project, take a trip down to the lower level of Knuitti and fill out a leaf! You can discover ways that your fellow students are coping with stress and maybe even help someone else out.

Check out our Instagram page where we’ve been highlighting creative and fun leaves each day.

Where to find the tree:

Don’t know where the communication department is? It’s in the lower level of Knutti.

  1. Enter Knuitti.
  2. Go to the elevator and select “LL” for Lower Level
  3. Exit the elevator, go through the doors and BAM! The tree will be right in front of you.
  4. tip: While you’re down here, check out the TV studio and meet some friendly comm students and faculty.