Did you know that around 60 percent of the population in Haiti lives on less than $1.00 a day?


A Social media campaign to bring awareness to the need in Haiti

Apart from the many earthquakes that are known to strike Haiti, there are more issues that linger in the country.  From famine to health issues, many adults and children are dying because of lack of resources. Continue reading


So You Think You Can Make a Film?

Allow me to guide you through the steps it took me to produce two scripts and two short films over the course of my senior Spring semester.  My name is Mike Goldbeck and I am going to walk you through the process it took for me to wrap up such an array of works into one collection that had absolutely no connection to one another.   Continue reading

Building a Brand

When you think of a brand one may consider a company, or maybe a company’s product. What many people fell to realize is that they are a walking brand of themselves, and that everything they do is part of their brand. My Capstone project was to help build a persons brand by creating a website for them.My site is CoachJNamolik.com.

CoachJNamolik.com is the official website of Shepherd University’s Head Men’s Basketball Coach. Continue reading

Hey! I Know This Story…Or Do I?

A Loose adaptation of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde about the West Virginia Drug Epidemic.” That’s one heck of an elevator pitch. How did I come up with it? Continue reading

How Does Social Media Affect Your Life?

Have you ever noticed how much social media influences the people around you? Or maybe you feel that social media has become a huge part of your everyday life. If not, I definitely have. My name is Kaila Hall and over the last few years as a Strategic Communications major, I have acquired the skills to plan, execute, and examine various issues. As a result, I used those skills to discover a plan to change how young women view and use social media platforms and presented them through a capstone project that I completed my senior year. Continue reading