Kevin Williams

kevin_williamsHi, I’m Dr. Kevin Williams, and I’m a full professor in the Department of Communication here at Shepherd University. I’ve been here since the early stages of our department, back in 1990. I hold a Ph.D in the Philosophy of Communication from Ohio University. I teach several courses, covering digital filmmaking, media studies, and new media, including:

COMM 305: History of TV, COMM 329: Sound Design, COMM 333: Music Video, COMM 349: New Media Practicum, COMM 350: Single Camera Production, COMM 354: Experimental Video, COMM 403: Media Studies, and COMM 420: Advanced Production.

I love working here at Shepherd, and I love working on academic research. When I’m not working, I also love to play the electric violin.

You can learn more about me over at my blog: