Visit Cambodia: The Journey of Developing a Website

When someone wants to travel out of the country, what’s the first step they take? Besides putting money in a jar to fund the trip, most people being by researching where they might like to go—perhaps by going to Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet, or just by Googling the country they’re thinking about. If using the last option, they are likely to come across the tourist-focused website that a country already has established, but what if their official website is confusing and difficult to find information on? This was a problem I encountered when looking at Cambodia’s official tourist site, so I decided to create a site that readers would find helpful, informative, and easy to navigate. Continue reading

Developing Coding Confidence… Almost

Students in COMM 447 Advanced Internet Media are finishing off the semester producing sites in Drupal, a content management system similar to WordPress. It seems like every year there is a certain point where breakthroughs happen… when it all starts to make sense. And even if your site crashes, you learn valuable trouble-shooting technique.