Welcome To Simmer: A Slice of Life Webtoon Comic

A mental rut can leave you stuck, with no way to get out. However, sometimes it takes someone a bit quirky to pull you out of it. This concept is the start of my webcomic, Welcome to Simmer.

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Then I Woke Up: A Graphic Novel

Ashley Angueira

The average person will spend about 6 years of their lifetime dreaming. Odds are, there is at least one dream that you can clearly recall: What happened, where you were, and whom you were with. Most importantly, you’ll remember the feeling you had when you woke up. My graphic novel, Then I Woke Up, explores the most memorable dreams of my life: from my first nightmare when I was 4 years old, to the short but powerful visions in a long nap.

“This is who I am, as told by my dreams”

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