How to conquer finals like a pro

Finals are not an easy time for anyone, students and professors included. But with a few tricks up your sleeve I don’t doubt that you can finish out the semester strong!  Continue reading


The Formula to Creating a Successful Website as a College Student

As a communication student, we are constantly finding new ways to challenge ourselves through exploring unfamiliar territory, which is exactly what I did for my Capstone project.
Continue reading a Travel Blog

For my capstone project, I chose to do something I’d wanted to do for a very long time: start a travel blog. The idea was to combine my skills in writing and photography with my passion for travel. Going in, I had plenty of content ideas, lots of pictures from my journeys, and even a domain name I’d bought about a year earlier with the intent of starting my travel blog. I knew I wanted to integrate skills I’d developed as a Comm student, such as web developing, WordPress, and social media marketing. Continue reading